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Jun 3, 2020

  1. 1:07 Introduction, Horst Prelog and Scott Turner on Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast.  Trevor talks about these two gentlemen, their background, accomplishments and how this impacted manufacturing and 
  2. 3:42 A challenging undertaking.  Horst spends time talking about taking over a successful organization and the challenges that go along with this.  Explaining how important it is to have goals and everyone moving in the same direction with good alignment.  Focus on the people and what is expected.
  3. 5:50 People and Different mindsets.  We were great but how do we become greater?  Horst references good to great and not to become complacent and giving good direction.
  4. 7:40 Hands on, Scott and I were hands on people!  We established a clear vision of where wewanted to go, what is our mission on this journey and what are the values we are achieving to get there.    We created a credo writing down our goals and what is important for everyone to have and understand. 
  5. 10:04 A collaborative approach.  Horst talks about collaboration as well asnon negotiables for the team and how important this is with leadership.   
  6. 12:00 The credo!  Horst explained the credoand how we wrote this down and handed it out to every person in the organization that created accountability and the team held us to it.  Respect, trust, values and commitment, we decided on and we always helped each other.  
  7. 16:21 I can’t say that this is an easy thing to do.  Horst talks about if you choose not to follow these values you will find trouble down the road.  It’s a slippery slope violating our commitments and how important it is to stick to it.
  8. 19:40 We changed the compensation model.  Horst explains how he and Scott changed the compensationmodel so each person's compensation (bonus) was affected if there were challenges.  This was not an easy undertaking but the right thing to do. 
  9. 22:00 Howdo you handle that one plant who doesn't want to help the other plants? Horst explains how he would spend time talking with these plants and helping them understand and convincing them the right thing to do is help each other.  There are certain percentages who don't want to, and we would ask if they would want to be a part of this team.  The right seat of the bus and if you didn’t want to be a part of it then exiting the bus. 
  10. 25:27 Scott and I were a fantastic team!  We worked so well together and as a leader you have to recognize what are your strengths and when do you need to fill in with people who can help you.  
  11. 27:10 The learning environment, why is that so important?  Horst and Scott talk about the importance of being a learning organization and without that you are limited.  You always requirelearning; all businesses have to do this.  Firing people is not the answer, no one is perfect, and you have to learn that hiring and firing is not the way, becoming a learning company is the way.  Horst shares under his and Scott’s leadership the different leadership learning programs offered.