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Feb 7, 2024

What are the 3 P’s of success? Grab a cup of your favorite tea and find out in this episode with Tonia Jahshan! Tonia is the founder of Canadian loose leaf tea company Sipology, which skyrocketed to great levels of success after Tonia pitched her business on Dragons’ Den, the Canadian version of Shark Tank. Today, Sipology is one of the fastest growing companies in North America, and Tonia is one of the top entrepreneurs in Canada.

In this episode, Tonia gives a behind-the-scenes look at her experience on Dragons’ Den and shares why passion, purpose, and perseverance are the three ingredients you need to find your own great success.

2:18 – Tonia shares stories from her experience on Dragons’ Den

8:49 – When pitching a new idea, do your homework and know your audience

9:18 – Be transparent and show you truly care about your product or process

10:18 – Strong and long-lasting partnerships often start with a personal connection

12:04 – To drive change, you have to show up with passion

12:27 – The three P’s of success are passion, purpose, and perseverance

13:26 – If you’re not showing up with passion, others in your organization will feel it as well

16:24 – By setting boundaries and taking care of your own mental health, you can improve your mindset and how you positively show up for your team

18:52 – On the journey to success, you’re not alone and it’s okay to rely on your team and others in your life and organization

19:28 – If you’re not passionate about w hat you’re doing or feel like you’re lost your purpose, reconsider and rework

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