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Mar 20, 2024

“I’m great in my role and have valuable information to share . . . so why doesn’t anyone want to work with me?” If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, this podcast with guest Karine Leblanc is for you! Karine Leblanc is a bestselling author and international public speaker who uses her unique engineering background to help technical professionals bridge the bridge between technical brilliance and human connection. In this episode, Karine shares her personal story of discovering the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence,

4:10 – In any role, there is much more to do that simply learn the technical role of your job

5:00 – By having a mentor or someone else you trust in your organization, you can gain valuable feedback and insights

6:18 – To better yourself through feedback, you need to be ready to hear feedback and make it clear to your team that you’re open to listening to them

8:30 – When you work on yourself and improve your self-awareness, it can have a positive impact on all levels of your information, including your relationships with clients

9:45 – Emotional intelligence is not about being happy all the time, but learning to be self-aware of your own emotions and behaviors

10:42 – Through being intentional conversations with your team, you can still find productive outcomes and dynamics even when you’re not at your emotional best

11:51 – Have the courage to be vulnerable

15:05 – By being self-aware and intentional, you can learn your own behavioral signals and find the best ways to navigate challenging situations

16:18 – Using emotional intelligence, you can also learn other people’s behavioral signals and triggers, and find the best way to communicate with them

18:12 – If you’re stuck, all you need is a fresh perspective

19:09 – To find new perspectives and feedback, take a pause and zoom out

21:23 – Through simple and honest dialogue, you can improve safety and find more productive results

22:37 – When you combine technical skills with human skills, magic happens

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