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Jan 13, 2021

  Desen Lu (Vice President and Head of Sourcing) challenges us in taking a different approach to the ways we typically look at things.


00:00 - Intro


00:35 – Talent development and the awareness of others in growing your organizations


01:18 – Desen Lu introduction


02:01 – Let’s talk Talent. The confusion between Performance & Talent. Talent comes first – Performance is a byproduct of Talent


04:22 – Focusing on the upside of having great talent – not the cost of its absence


05:34 – What separates great talent from average talent - Ownership


08:21 – Ownership and daring to admit that you made a mistake


10:02 – What it looks like to admit mistakes – and the effect


12:00 – The team’s response


13:11 – The night and day difference in an organization’s culture where it’s o.k. to admit mistakes


14:56 – The ripple effect of ownership in talent development


18:15 – Failing your way to success


19:46 – Staying grounded


21:36 – Every day is a battle


22:53 – Diversify with experience opportunities on the ‘opposite side of the table’


24:50 – Mindset focus on what you gain on the backside of the storm


27:23 – Gratitude to check your mindset for the rest of the day


29:10 – “We grew a person” – the best news of all in a day!


30:47 – “Performance is a function of human equity” – Desen Lu


31:09 - Closure