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Feb 22, 2023

In all industries, poor behavior and high emotions can lead to massive issues . . . and this is especially true in the aviation industry, where small errors can be the difference between a safe flight and a deadly accident. In this podcast, I’m joined by Shawn Dawley, the president of OT2 Consulting and a former Air Force pilot. Shawn often draws on his own combat experience to help leaders overcome challenges and inspire their teams, and has many great lessons about the importance of emotional intelligence, building healthy team dynamics, and finding the balance between intellect and emotions.

0:42 – Leadership is all about the balance between intellect and emotions

2:17 – In the aviation industry, crew relationships and emotions play a critical role in the safety and success of each flight

5:52 – Processes can only get better when there is a healthy environment and a positive organizational dynamic where people can point out issues and speak their mind

7:00 – If a leader is in a bad mood or creating a hostile environment, others might be less willing to draw attention to issues or voice their feedback

12:23 – Poor decision-making does just happen when you’re angry—it can even happen when you’re euphoric or excited

13:32 – When you’re at your “emotional worst,” it can be very difficult to make important decisions

14:42 – We all have emotions and “triggers” that make us feel certain ways—how we react is what sets up apart

16:15 –What role does our nervous system play in making us feel emotions or have specific reactions to stressful situations?

17:57 – By recognizing your triggers and response, you can improve your behavior and emotional intelligence

19:06 – Even if you give the exact same feedback to two different team members, it will land differently to each of them because they have different life experiences

20:56 – To understand a team member’s behavior reactions, form a relationship and find out more about their past experiences

21:56 – Leadership is innate to the human condition

23:16 – Take the time to listen to what others have to say

25:01 – Think about the qualities of people you admire—are you showing those same qualities to your own team?

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