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Aug 24, 2022

When it comes to improving diversity and inclusion in your manufacturing workplace, it’s not always an easy road! Creating a more diverse environment can mean having difficult conversations—with yourself and others—about issues like unconscious bias, unintentional divides, and how employees with different views can support each other. Luckily, Reggie Davis is here to help! Reggie is the founder and CEO of Uplift Coaching and Consulting, where he helps organizations improve equity and promote unity. In this powerful and candid podcast, he breaks down some of the common diversity issues that organizations face. He also shares his own stories about bias and growth, offering valuable insights to help manufacturing leaders create more harmonious workplaces.

0:45 – We previously talked about unconscious bias with Michelle Maldanado in Episode 22

1:30 – When companies didn’t keep up with changing technology, they ended up failing or going out of business – the same thing can be said about diversity and inclusion

2:30 – Many organizations have conversations about diversity, but don’t fully or authentically embrace it

3:13 – Don’t be all talk and not action!

4:25 – It’s a human instinct to be defensive when challenged or corrected

5:18 – How can people bring their “full selves” to the workplace?

6:00 – In an ideal workplace, a very conversative person and a very progressive person should be able to work in harmony, despite their different views

7:05 – Starting conversations about diversity and differences in the workplace can be awkward

10:21 – “What’s from the heart reaches the heart”

13:07 – Questions are a great way to start productive conversations

16:35 – Many people want growth, but don’t know where to begin

18:22 – Diversity and inclusion start at the “roots” of your organization

21:40 – Approach difficult conversations with intention and trust

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